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 Houston Princess Parties

About Us

We are A Charmed Affair Houston Princess Parties, a team of performers with a

passion for spreading magic and making a difference in our community.

Our performers are blessed to have the opportunity to make the dreams of children a reality

and have a positive impact on their lives. 

From wishing them another happy birthday at their party to granting their last wishes,

we want to celebrate their lives in a big way and create lasting memories for you and your child.


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At A Charmed Affair Houston Princess Parties we strive to create magical memories for you, your guests, and most importantly your birthday princes and princesses. 

Through the passion of our highly trained performers and quality attire, we make it our mission to provide an enchanting performance from a real life version of your child's favorite fairytale character. 

Celebrating your magical day is special to every member of our team, and the love and passion of each of our performers will shine through all of their visits. 

We can't wait to meet your little prince or princess and make their dreams come true! 

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