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Picture-Perfect Memory

 Houston Princess Parties

Professional Photographer

-1 Hour with 2 characters

-Custom Scrapbook



Each additional 30 minutes    ................ +$150
1.5 hrs in the Spa on Wheels ................. +$350

*Subject to availability. See below for details

Our characters can entertain at your chosen venue or in your own home! 

Birthday parties, tea parties, holiday parties, events, or just because!


We serve Houston and the surrounding areas.

(An additional travel fee may be applicable depending on location. Please contact us for inquiries)

















A Charmed Affair is delighted to partner with Face Paint by Stormy to bring you Twice the Magic!



2 Characters for 1 Hour & 

1.5 Hours of Face Painting ............ $500

*Rates listed only good when both services booked together. Subject to availability. Click the banner below for facepainting services and info.

 Houston Princess Parties

Spa on Wheels
A Charmed Affair is delighted to partner with Princess & Tiaras to give you the ultimate Enchanted Affair!

2 Characters for 1 Hour & 

1.5 Hours in the Spa on Wheels ....... $700

*Rates listed only good when both services booked together. Standard package allows up to 8 children. $20 for each additional guest, up to 12 children. Subject to availability. Click the banner below for the mobile spa services and info.


Standard Activities

Meet and Greet

   -The character(s) will come in and greet your guests, wish your child a happy birthday, get to know their names, and answer their questions throughout the party



   -The character(s) will read their story to the children from their perspective and interact with them during



   -The character(s) will lead the children in a few games as time and age range allows, such as limbo, freeze dance, duck duck goose, musical chairs, etc 


Music and Dance

   -As well as having theme related music playing in the background throughout the party, the character(s) will also sing their songs with the children and teach them a special dance


Royalty Training 

   -The character(s) will teach the children how to be a princess or prince, such as using their manners, how to wave, how to curtsy and bow, etc


Royal Makeover

   -For parties up to 10 children, a royal makeover will be given by the character(s), including eyeshadow, blush, and lip gloss. Stamps will also be provided as an alternative. 



   -There will be picture time for group and individual pictures with the character(s)


Coronation Ceremony

   -Your child will be crowned Queen or King of their party with a beautiful crown presented to them by the character(s) as a gift. 


Happy Birthday Song

   -The character(s) will lead the Happy Birthday Song with the cake at the end of their visit and say their goodbyes while the cake is being cut. 

Our character(s) will perform as many activities as time allows. If there are any activities you wish us to prioritize or exclude, please let us know when booking.

Additional Activities

For visits lasting 1.5 hours or longer, we also offer these activities.


Coloring Pages 

   -Each child will receive a themed coloring page and make beautiful art with the character(s). Crayons will be provided by your performer. The character will even autograph it!

Opening Presents 

   -Your child will get to open their gifts with the character(s) and all of their friends

Craft Time  

   -If you provide the supplies, our character(s) can help the children make their crafts!

-If you supply a piñata and would like the character(s) to help guide the guests during this activity, we can accomodate!

           We are always open to custom activity requests! Please contact us to discuss your desires. 

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