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Princess Booking


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How to Book a Party


1. To check availability, fill out the form or send an email to

Please include:

    -Your name

    -Your preferred date and time

    -Your party/event address

    -Desired character(s)
    -How did you hear about us?
    -Any additional party details

**We do suggest that you reach out to us about your party at least two weeks before the date so we can ensure availability, otherwise we cannot guarantee our performers will be available the week of. However, we will still try to do our best to accommodate your request, thank you!**



2. Once availability is confirmed, we will send you a Party Contract and invoice for the $100 deposit. 

Please note that your spot is not reserved until the contract and deposit are both complete.


3. After your contract and deposit have been processed, you will receive a confirmation email that your party is officially booked. 

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